Computer and telecom products at the best price

"Gaining the trust of customers to earn their loyalty" is the philosophy of work that INFOR-Conseils has chosen to adopt. When we set such an ambitious objective, it goes without saying that professionalism is required and that it must appear both in services offered to customers and in product quality. Product quality is guaranteed by the assembly of computers in-house, performed by an experienced technical team. INFOR-Conseils differs from the major brands of products because it is able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. The best value is a constant priority.

Attractive prices:
We are not trying to be the cheapest but our pricing policy allows us to ensure the optimum quality of our services while maintaining attractive prices.
Tailor-made solutions:
We offer you computers which predefined configuration responds to different types of uses, from the desktop machine to the gamer's PC but we also especially offer the ability to create your own configuration to perfectly map your needs. Either way, all computers are assembled by us in our workshop.
Unmatched flexibility:
Tell us what you want and INFOR-Conseils make a point of honor for you to find the best prices on the market.